Welcome to Mortuary Mapping

This project is designed to introduce the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Historic-era Cemetery to a wider audience through background contextual information and visualizations of the burial information. 

All of the mapping and skeletal data is taken from forms recorded on site and the site report.  As with any field-collected data, it is possible that some of it will change after detailed laboratory analysis.  The extensive study of the remains is just beginning, and additional information will be added to this site as my personal research, and that of others at California State University, Chico progresses.  Without the hard work of the excavation members from URS, D&D Osteology, and Foothill College this project would not have been possible.

Site Background

Explore the creation of the Santa Clara County Hospital and associated cemetery.


Find out information on the archaeological excavation of the cemetery.


Explore the different maps and burial information.


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